Elite Force H8R Co2 Airsoft Revolver

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The H8R Super Magnum not only looks cool and aggressive, but is also very budget friendly and CQB legal.  The built in rails allow the easy addition of accessories such as lights and grips.  Its polymer construction keeps it lightweight yet durable.  Instead of using shells like most airsoft revolvers, the H8R uses 10 round discs as magazines.  This makes it much faster to reload than other revolvers.  The discs are easy to load and their small size makes them very easy to transport as well.  Five magazine wheels are included with the gun, right out of the box.  The gun has a functional hammer for realism and a functional safety.  The CO2 is housed in the pistol grip.  The grip also has a built in tool for removing and installing CO2 cartridges, a very handy feature.  Whether you're a new player or just looking for something new and cool, this handgun is definitely worth considering!

Features & Specs:

  • 320 FPS with 0.20g BBs
  • Magazine Capacity:  10 Rounds
  • Magazine Type:  Disc
  • Includes 5 magazine discs
  • Color:  Black
  • Built in rails:  2 picatinny
  • Sights:  Fixed
  • Functional hammer
  • Functional safety
  • Power source:  12 g co2 cartridge (not included)
  • 60 Day Warranty